Have you taken so many pictures through the years, looked at them a couple of times and then stored them away? Sure, they are there whenever you want to look at them but do you go through the trouble of getting them out and sorting through them? Even placing photographs in albums seem to collect dust on the shelves or in the drawers. Over time, the pictures become faded and before you know it, those memories have faded away.

And then began the digital age. Now we can take pictures and store them on our computer’s hard drive. This new digital technology has given us the opportunity to preserve all of our photo memories on hard drive. And that is exactly what many people are doing now. But even that has its limitations. Who really wants to use up all of their hard drive space storing pictures? You can transfer them over onto CDs but even that is not a permanent solution. When looking at this realistically, who has the space to store all of those pictures? And, how many of us will print up all of the pictures we have taken or send them out to a photo store for printing? All of this can be very costly over time. That is why thirteen years ago I began a hobby by taken my photos and bringing them to life on video. This proved to be very rewarding and entertaining.

This is where Timeless Videos comes in. We will take your video, photographs, slides, negatives and digital pictures then produce a DVD movie for your personal enjoyment. We will then place your completed DVD into our archive files indefinitely so that years later we can make you another copy of your video treasure. Just imagine watching your pictures come to life on your TV screen. You will find yourself watching your movie time and time again and your friends and relatives will be more interested in watching your movie rather than looking through your photo albums…trust me.

Whether it’s a short movie or a long production, we will do it all to your complete satisfaction. Just give us a call or contact us online and we will be happy to get you started in preserving your memories for today, tomorrow and forever.