At Timeless Videos, we have reduced our standard rates in 2018 to help you make your decision to go digital even more affordable. Now is the time to take advantage of these cost saving deals. Gather all of your special pictures and videos and call 410-702-7525 to make an appointment. You can also get in touch through our Contact Us

*Each photo inserted is approximately 5 seconds of video.
Digital Photos to video = Was $2.00 now only $1.50 per minute
Added captions = Now only 5 cents per word
Royalty Free Music = Was $2.00 Now only $1.00 per song


Inserted Video
Digital = Now only $1.00 per minute (mpeg or avi)
Analog = Now only $2.00 per minute (VHS conversion)


Videotape-to-DVD Conversion
One tape up to two hours in length was $59 now only $50
(Each additional hour on same VHS $30)now $25

Prices varies for additional copies



**Scanned material
Now only 35 cents for each photo
Now only 45 cents for each document (newspaper, magazine, etc.)
Now only 55 cents for each slide or negative

(*Time length of some photos may vary slightly)
(**Time length of the scanned material will vary)


Creating the perfect DVD requires three steps,
Step 1 Building the DVD with photos, videos, audio, scanned materials, etc.
Step 2 Designing the uploaded items which ultimately produces your video to convey the message you want.
Step 3 Burn to a DVD or Publish to the internet.

The final cost is determined by the length of your finished product.


Contact us to discuss the options that are available to you.

Trust Timeless Videos to find the perfect voice for your video project. We have the resources available to obtain the most technologically advanced group of voice over talents and voice producers ever to exist. Fees vary depending on individual preference.